Motimaru / Dance Company

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Performance / Spatial experience / Live music
Concept, Dance, Installation: Tiziana Longo
Music: Hoshiko Yamane / Peter Bretsch
Costume: Tiziana Longo / Elvyra Weigel

Claustrophobic home-officing, exceeding "ZOOMed-online" sessions, how is the body of nerves, bones, muscles, skin, surface and its depth reacting to all of this? Due to the current Covid-19 worldwide pandemic, the life of everybody has changed with the social restrictions, distance, and lockdowns.
Covered by masks outside and yet still touched by air that is constantly threating our life's safety, living in the uncertainty and possibility to be contaminated, constricted to be isolated, closed at home, avoiding social contact and touch, how are the body and sensory nervous system functioning and responding?
In our daily life what stimuli come and how can these be translated in terms of proprioception -the sense of position and movement-? What kind of influence is the pandemic's situation giving to the field of performance and dance? How are the styles, the forms, the genres moving and where?
The piece in form of a 'Spacial Experience In-progress' represents the journey of this last 1 year and how humans are living the new "AIR".


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