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As human being we have great potential that mostly is sleeping.
We believe that dance has the power to evaluate and highten this human potential.
In our workshop, we are working on a movement-awareness method as a training for professional performers and artists as well as any human of any body size, age, nationality, religion.
In our choreographic works our goal is to bring on the stage insight and inspirations about humanity in the form of art and poetry beyond any genres.
We feed our workshop methods and creations by dedicating every year a period to world traditional/ritual dance fieldwork researches (past researches: Bali, India, Nepal), and our intensive trainings.

If you would like to nurture our researches, trainings and creations, we will be very glad to accept donations, sponsors, support in kind.

In the case you would like to give a donation please see the details below.


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Account number: 6016037760
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Thank you very much for your support.